Blending Holistic Chiropractic Care with Active Release Technique, Rehabilitative Pilates and restorative Craniosacral Therapy
All therapy is informed by Gray Cook’s cutting-edge SFMA (Specific Functional Movement Assessment).

The Philosophy: Every body is a dynamic and unique canvas of their experience. The body is not only a bio-mechanical masterpiece, but also a canvas for artistic and emotional expression. Touchpoints approaches each patient with this philosophy; fluidly blending passive and active therapy to create long lasting results in the patient’s unique physical expression.

The Science: A holistic and dynamic assessment (SFMA) informs the treatment which calls on the gold standard of Active Release (Myofascial) Technique alongside holistic Chiropractic Care and proprioceptive-based Pilates care. Both segmental and global joint health is emphasized in a foundational environment where mobility therapy is followed by motor control training before performance based training is revisited. In the words of Gray Cook, “First Move well. Then Move often!”

The Art: Creating a session flow and environment that connects heart with body, emotion with motion, and honors the process of change and individual healing.